Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry (BHECM)

Class of 2022:

Allison Manning and Derrick Scott III

Class of 2023: 

Starr Clay, Jason Knott, and Steve Painter

Class of 2024:

Joy Bridwell, Peter Elliott, Phyllis Klock, Kenya Lovell, Vance Rains, and John Russell

Class of 2025:

Amy Armistead, Rick Gebauer, Kevin Johnson, and Jim Olliver


Sharon Austin - Director of Connectional and Justice Ministries

Cynthia Weems - Cabinet Liaison

Executive Committee

Vance Rains, Chair

The Purpose of BHECM

Leadership within an institution like The United Methodist Church can often feel detached from the day-to-day work of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. And truthfully, the critical work of campus ministry is done each day by our Wesley Foundation directors and college chaplains, and their staff and students leaders.  

And yet, we who serve on BHECM have an important role in supporting their work. Leadership Education at Duke Divinity School asserts that: “The purpose of institutions is to generate creativity by organizing human efforts to a common end. The generative organization of people’s work, then, is not about creating bureaucracy but about creating the networks, systems, principles and practices that allow for human and institutional flourishing.”

The Book of Discipline requires that all Annual Conference Boards and Committees (Para. 610) ask of their ministry/program areas: “How are we intentionally reaching new people for Jesus Christ through our ministries?” and “How are we helping new people grow and mature as disciples of Jesus Christ through our ministries and areas of responsibility?” 

Our goal, then, is to create and oversee "networks, systems, principles and practices" that allow for our campus ministers, their staffs, their students, and their local Boards, to flourish in their mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ on college and university campuses across the Florida Conference.

We do this work in a number of ways:

  1. Cast a conference-wide vision and strategy for advancing our collective work on campus.
  2. Evaluate Wesley Foundation directors and ministries for effectiveness and excellence
  3. Encourage and support Wesley Foundation directors and Chaplains in their work and ministry
  4. Provide direct financial support to United Methodist schools and Wesley Foundations
  5. Ensure the maintenance and upkeep of Wesley Foundation property and buildings
  6. Advocate and advance the awareness and support for campus ministry throughout the annual conference. 

BHECM Members Responsibilities

Serving on BHECM is both a honor and a responsibility bringing both rewards and challenges. Being a part of the amazing work happening through our colleges, universities and Wesley Foundations is a special experience. Your service does require a commitment of time, skill and resources. Below are a few of the key responsibilities:

  • PRESENCE: Attend all board meetings. Two unexcused absences from BHECM meetings in a given conference year is assumed to be your notice of resignation.
  • PREPARATION: Be informed about BHECM’s mission, vision, strategic plan, responsibilities and policies. Review agenda and supporting materials prior to board and committee meetings.
  • SERVICE: Actively serve on at least one committee and make at least one campus visit during the conference year.
  • ADVOCACY: Be familiar with all the ministries under the BHECM umbrella and inform others about the work of our colleges, universities and Wesley Foundations. Connect students from your local church and district to Wesley Foundations and our United Methodist-related Florida Southern College and Bethune-Cookman University.

Visit a Campus Ministry

Each semester, members of BHECM make visits to each Wesley Foundation for the purposes of familiarization and support. Each member of BHECM is asked to make at least one campus visit in a calendar year.

Campus to City Wesley, Jacksonville:

  • Flagler College  - Sundays @ 7 pm, Free Dinner @ 6:30,  Grace UMC (8 Carrera St) 
  • Jacksonville University Gathering - Mondays @ 8 pm; Free Dinner @ 7:30, Sam Marks Chapel
  • Univ. of North Florida Gathering - Wednesdays @ 7:30, Student Union Ballrooms

CFL Wesley, Orlando: 

  • Tuesdays @ 7:30 pm, EpicCenter (University, Carillon UMC), 1395 Campus View Ct, Oviedo FL 32765

United Wesley of Miami:

  • Univ. of Miami - Sundays at 5:30 pm, Free Dinner at 6:30 pm, UM Wesley Center, 1210 Stanford Dr.
  • Florida International University (FIU) Community Night - Mondays @ 7 pm, Graham Center (GC-140)

Florida Southern, Lakeland: 

  • Sundays @ 11 am. Annie Pfeiffer Chapel

FSU Wesley, Tallahassee: 

  • Sundays @ 11 am

Gator Wesley, Gainesville: 

  • Sundays @ 11 am; Weds @ 7 pm

Gulf Coast Wesley, Ft. Myers: 

  • Mondays @ 7:30 pm

Stetson Wesley, Deland: 

  • Sundays @ 8:30 pm

USF Wesley, Tampa: 

  • Sundays @ 11 am;

BHECM Committees

Property Committee: Review annual property reports from each Wesley Foundation. Monitor the implementation of property maintenance plans developed for each Wesley Foundation providing consultations when requested. Approve funds from the deferred maintenance loan and maintenance reserve fund according the property maintenance plans. Review requests for emergency maintenance funds and approve said funds as deemed appropriate. Assist BHECM Chairperson in making reports to the Florida Conference Trustees.

Finance Committee: General supervision of all funds and securities of the Board, including scholarships. Work with Executive Committee to create an annual budget and submit budget request to CF&A. Review annual budget reports, requests and audits from each Wesley Foundation. Assist Executive Committee in determining budget allocations for each Wesley Foundation. Provide necessary financial information to other committees for their work. Oversee the scholarship program of the Florida Conference BHECM.

Ministry Resource Team: General oversight of the health of each campus ministry. Conduct on-site assessments on a rotating basis. Review annual ministry profiles, plans and evaluations including vital signs reports. Consult with the D.S.’s on the ministry (but not personnel) reviews and assessments.

Local Board Resource Team: Oversight of the health of local Wesley Foundation Boards and facilitate ongoing interpretation and support for Boards through consultations, training events, and other resources. Ensure each Board is fulfilling its responsibilities according to the United Methodist Discipline and best practices for religious non-profit boards. Review annual Board self-evaluations and provide appropriate feedback and support.