Calendar of Reports Due

Below is a list of reports and when they are due.  The report templates can be downloaded directly from this page.  All reports (except Missional Vital Signs) are to be submitted by the due date to Sherri Lingle in Connectional Ministries (

Summary of the Calendar of Reports:

  • Monthly:    Missional Vital Signs (10th of each month)
  • Summer:  Campus Ministry Profiles (due Aug 19)
  • Fall:           Finance, Budget and Audit Reports  (due October 28)
  • Winter:     Personnel Evaluations with District Superintendents (TBD)
  • Spring:      Property and Parsonage Reports (due March 1)

  • Missional Vital Signs

    Wesley Foundations utilize the same Missional Vital Signs system as local churches in the Florida Conference.

    Worship, Discipleship, Mission and Evangelism information is submitted online by the 10th of each month. 

    Sample Data Sheet

    Explanation of Each Area Being Measured

    District Offices can offer assistance in how to complete the report.   

  • Campus Ministry Profiles

    Annual Ministry Profiles are due August 19, 2016.  Please send them to Sherri Lingle-

    2016-2017 Ministry Profile

  • Financial Reports and Budgets

    The following is due OCTOBER 27, 2017

    1.  The completed budget worksheet (emailed directly to each ministry)

          If you have fixed costs that are not listed on the spreadsheet, make use of the "other" line items in each section.  Be sure   to include an explanation/justification.

         Long explanations that do not fit conveniently in a budget line should be placed at the bottom of the spreadsheet.  If needed, you can attach additional notes, contexts, or explanations, so long as you are clear about the line items to which you are referring.

    2.  Please provide a copy of your complete 2018 budget.

    3.  Please provide a copy of your complete 2019 projected budget.

    4.  Please provide a copy of a year-to-date 2017 budget.

    Our intent in the budgeting process is to fund the fixed costs of each Wesley Foundation, leaving each campus ministry with the responsibility to fundraise for program and ministry costs.  Some grant monies will be provided for program costs but those grants will be relatively modest.

    Our goal of this budget process is to provide more specificity in what is being funded by BHECM and to provide a higher level of accountability of Wesley Foundations to BHECM and of BHECM to the Conference Committee on Finance and Administration (CF&A).  We believe that his new process will allow us to make a better case for increased funding.

  • Annual Financial Reviews/Audits

    Each Wesley Foundation is required to complete an annual audit. A CPA will tell you it's technically a "Financial Review" but either way you need to do one each year.  Please submit Audit Report form with your Finance and Budget Reports (see above). 

    Annual Audit Guide

    Annual Audit Report Form

    The Annual Audit Report Form will be due October 28, 2016

    Email the completed form to

  • Property Reports

    Due on March 1 of each year, these three reports should be completed by the Property Committee of each local Wesley Foundation Board.   All reports should be submitted to Heidi Leab in Connectional Ministries by the due date. 

    Worksheet for Property Inspection

    Parsonage Checklist - Campus Ministry Edition

    Facility Risk Management Self-Inspection

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